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About River Valley Artists

RVA is a loosely formed group of artists from Essex, Chester and Deep River formed five years ago to organize a tour of members’ workplaces in the three towns. It has since grown to year-round shows in various venues in the area.


How to Join River Valley Artists:

Any artist who lives or makes art in one of the three towns can be a member of the group as can out-of-town artists providing they are part of the tour by showing in one of the tour venues. In addition, artists who live so close to one of the towns their studio can be included on the tour map can also join. There is a limit on the amount of art in each show and on the number of tour sites.


There are no dues, regular meetings, board of directors; artists do pay a small fee to be in one of our activities and the money pays our expenses. If you are interested in being a part of the group, please contact Claudia Van Nes at 860-526-3459 or

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